Friday, July 1, 2011

Harley and Me, On Video

So I have decided to do it.  I have posted a video of myself riding on "the interweb".  I have not taken this decision lightly, as I have read how people can tear apart video clips on YouTube and the like.  Harley and I have come a long way, but that road is not captured on video, only the immediate.  Five and a half minutes in time.  Just like in a dressage test, the judge only gets a small window of where you are and what you and your horse can do.

I invite you to step up to our window.  No film editing.  No music.  Just my horse and me surrounded by sounds of the farm. 


After each circle, we ride shoulder-in down the long side.  We come back to repeat this a couple times in each direction.  It is easier to see his body position when he is moving away from the camera.  The last couple times down the long side, we ride straight ahead, which will show you the difference in body position as compared to shoulder-in.  The half circles are followed by half-pass to the fence.  My objective was to direct him with my bellybutton as much as possible and ask him to maintain his impulsion and tempo throughout the exercises.

My favorite part of the video?  

Harley's swinging tail

Love you, Boy.


  1. I wouldn't tear your video apart at all. You guys look great! :D Are you wanting helpful suggestions? The only thing I would comment on is to have a little more bend in your elbows which will also shorten the rein a little. That's the only thing I noticed. :) Keep up the fantastic work!!

  2. Swing, swing, swing away :)

    Or should I say schwung...

  3. I love doing videos. It's the greatest way to see how we ride. You and Harley make a nice pair.

    I agree with achieve1dream about more bend in the elbows, and I should know. I call it zombie arms when I do it. That is one of my biggest problems. There are plenty of other problems, but I know fixing that one would do a lot for me!

    I love how happy and relaxed Harley looked. He certainly seems willing to to try what you're asking for - an admirable quality for sure!

  4. It's nice to finally see you "live" after describing your rides so well on your posts. I wouldn't even worry about whether or not someones feels the need to be negative, those that do are extremely unhappy people. Harley is a real nice mover, and he seems to be enjoying himself, good boy!

  5. Thank you for the very positive feedback!

    After re-watching the video, I am happy with Harley's relaxed and long neck, as this is something that I have been encouraging him to release. I am glad to share our ride with such a nice group. I do agree that videos are a very useful training tool, especially if you happen to be sans-trainer most of the time. :)

  6. Nicely done. You're not kidding about the Utube critics; they can be vicious. I think you are a lot braver than I; not sure I'd have the nerve to post a riding video (I worried myself to death over the pedestal clip I posted ;o) Elbows aside, you two look terrific!

  7. Very, very cool video!
    Loved what you said wad your favorite thing the past when my sister filmed me and Wa, shed always get it in.the tape, " the tail tells the tale!" As Val's swingy tail, does for you!
    Loved the farm noises too. Nice job!


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