Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Horse Language: A Silent Film

My hay is your hay, except when it is my hay.

Harley and I went for a lovely ride yesterday.  Afterward, Harley had what may have been his last shower of 2011.  Such is the case when one does not have heated water or an indoor wash stall.  I saved his morning hay for after our ride.  His paddock buddy, Cisco, had already finished his morning hay, but this did not stop him from trying to convince Harley that he was ready for more.  I love how expressive Cisco's eyes and "eyebrows" are in this short film.
"Pretty please, Harley?"

It seems that the news is always highlighting new discoveries in animal language.  You mean animals can talk to each other?  My family and I have always felt that the fact that animals could communicate with one another was an unspoken truth.  People who enjoy observing animals, wild or domestic, will quickly attest to this.  Just because we do not always understand them does not mean that they do not communicate.  And isn't it the best when they choose to try and communicate with us?



  1. I "heard" plenty of conversaton going on there. I swear, I could watch that for hours.

    "Hi ya Harley, umm, nice day eh? that's some good lookin' hay you got there". "mind if I grab a little bite here?"

    I like how very slow Cisco was inching towards the hay. It was nice of Harley to share. So interesting. Thanks for sharing a little moment.

  2. Poor, Cisco. He was asking so politely. I love how he inched forward all in the name of "stamping" away flies!

  3. I'm not going for your hay. Honestly. I just have this itch on my leg see..."

    Sadly even people who have been around horses for years and years don't know how to listen to them. I've met horses that were shocked when they realized that I was listening to them. Sometimes I'll be having a little conversation with them until their owner shows up- then they shut right down :(

  4. Mary- You are most welcome. I was giving Cisco dialogue in my mind just like what you wrote in your comment. :)

    Karen- I liked the feigned fly itching and stamping, too. Do not feel too badly for Cisco; he definitely gets his share. Do you see how round his sides are compared to Harley? ;)

    smaz-It is sad when horses turn off and equally sad when they start shouting and acting out, because they are desperate for someone to listen. Speaking of which, Harley liked your advice for his bars. When I was trimming them, he started licking and chewing and snorting in happiness. Thanks for the great tip!


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