Monday, May 28, 2012

Buttermilk Buckskin: More Dapples!

A little soft brush goes a long way to bring out the shine.

As the last bits of winter fuzz have been lifted, Harley's dapples have emerged all over his shoulders, sides, and rump.  Last week, the final little tuffs of cream fur fell from the under edge of his mane and around his long forelock.  Some stubborn dark hairs were scrubbed from his lower legs, leaving only a cute tail at the base of each fetlock.  His barrel is smooth and shiny, with an almost metallic luster, which pictures do not really do justice.

Standing patiently, but...

..."I don't have to like it."

As it turns out, Harley remembered the last photo shoot and had decided that he was not in the mood for more pictures.  My usual ham for the camera was making faces like this:

"I am not an object."

Sorry, Boy.  I guess that I took these photos on days too close together to encourage the same enthusiasm and smiles.  So I decided to compromise!


"Now THIS is a photo shoot."

"My dapples look much better from this angle."


  1. Harley is one gorgeous guy. Love his dapples and his coloring in general. I've always wanted a horse with his coloring. So handsome and I'm glad you compromised on the photo shoot, the grass is a good motivator for more relaxed shots.


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