Friday, June 29, 2012

Carrot Picnic

"Guess how many baby carrots I have in my mouth."

Your guess is as good as mine! 
They disappear too quickly for me to keep track.

What is your horse's favorite picnic?


  1. Looks like you take good care of him. Richard

  2. Most anything that fits inside the mouth! ;)

    Lately iced herbal tea (unsweet) the most favorite treat of all - watermelon!!!!

  3. Ha, as many as can fit :) I have a post on my blog regarding ringbone. I'd love your input if you know anything about it. Thanks.

    1. Hi Margaret,

      I would love to read your post. Will do when I have more time on my laptop (no power right now).

  4. LOL

    My horses love licorice, the friesian I ride also loves licorice- especially Good & Plenty. He sucks those down like candy, oh wait...

    1. Funny!

      I love, LOVE licorice. I am Dutch (like Friesians!), so licorice is in my blood! Black licorice is my favorite, but I have not met a licorice that I did not like at least a little. ;)

      I tried giving some licorice treats to Harley once, but he was not that enthusiastic. I tried them. Not bad!

  5. Thanks you for all you lovely comments!

    We are experiencing a power outage and will be for some time. A terrible storm him Friday night. Everyone is safe, just hot. I have some interesting pictures of the trees that came down...


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