Monday, September 19, 2011

Rider Confessions

Instructors everywhere scold and warn against it.
Trail riders find it unsightly if you are in front of them.
Show horses would not be caught dead doing it.
Maybe "natural horsemanship" folks applaud it?
Probably not.

Here I am thinking about canter to walk and how nice my horse feels.

Carefree Harley and me hanging my head in shame.  Nice square halt, though.

Now, I am thinking about editing the video.

I let my horse stop and poop.
I know, I know.
I have been yelled at plenty of times as a youngster taking lessons.  I should definitely know better.  The barn owner keeps warning that it will happen in a horse show.  Harley and I rudely stopped an entire group of trail riders so he could, eh-hem, do his "duty".  But at least no one can say he is impulsive or uptight.

Somewhere along the line, I decided that I do not care if my horse stops to go to the bathroom when I am riding him.  I mean, I feel rude asking him to keep walking or trotting when "nature calls".  I never want him to think that there is a bad time for going to the bathroom.  A moving digestive system is way too important.  I like to think that I have trained him well, but, in this regard, he has my number.

Besides, he will do the cutest little halt from the trot, relieve himself, and then spring back into trot on the aids and with renewed freedom.  Makes me laugh every time!

Harley, you funny boy.


  1. Sometimes after you "lighten the load" it does make you feel better about resuming your duties with renewed vigor! I say go for it when nature calls, let him relax and do whatever is necessary.

  2. I am so with you on this one! I always let mine stop to poop. AND ... I have been showing regularly since last summer and he has NEVER done it at a show. Although at a show this spring, Speedy stopped RIGHT in front of the judge and peed! We were still doing our warmup lap, thankfully. The judge laughed. Talk about a relaxed pony!

  3. tsk, tsk (with a big smile). I won't tell.

  4. Grey Horse- *laughing* True. True.

    Karen- Yay! Two for poo! Maybe I do not have to worry about it for shows after all. And regarding Speedy...
    ...seriously relaxed!

    Thanks, Annette. I knew I could count on you.

  5. I don't get a choice! All my 3 will choose their place, plant feet firmly and do their stuff. No amount of booting on by me will get them to shift onwards! Have to agree with them tho - there's no earthly way I could carry on walking while, um, y'know . . .

  6. I almost always let Coriander stop when he has to poo. For one thing, I can't poo and walk, why should I expect him to? Second, if they move and poo then they get poo all over their legs. Yuck.

  7. Kate West and smazourek, you make very practical points. Fair is fair.

    Glad to know I have lots of company on this one.

  8. There is poopin' stopin'. And there is poopin' walking. I prefer the later!

  9. allhorsestuff- I remember reading one of your trail riding stories where you found evidence of poopin'stopin' and I thought "Oh, no! That would be us!"


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