Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Riding Reflection: Mutual-Over-Achiever-Thought-Process

Yes!  A few warm days and some rain has softened the arena enough for a ride.  I thought that we would just take it easy, warm up and stretch, and basically we did, except that some mutual over-achiever-thought-process got us moving a little more than I planned.  Let me explain by giving you a taste of our inner dialogue.  Just in case you are taking me seriously, no one can actually hear all the details of our conversation (except for us, of course).

Me: We are just going to walk and trot today, Harley.  You haven't worked in a while.

Harley: Okay, but look how nicely I can stretch in trot.

Me: That is nice, Harley!  If you pushed your trot out and took a little bit bigger strides, you would look like those horses stretching in the classical dressage YouTube videos.

Harley: Like this?

Me: Yeah!  That's awesome.  Can you go all the way around the ring like that?

Harley: Yup.  And I can change direction.  Watch.

Me: That was some great trot work, Harley.  A really nice stretch, especially because we haven't worked in a while.  We better leave it at that.

Harley: Yeah, but I'm not really tired.

Me: Let me check your breathing.  You do look good.  We shouldn't canter though.  Let's take it easy.

Harley: Didn't the barn owner just turn on the lights?

Me: Oh yeah.  I kind of feel obligated to stay out here a little longer now.

Harley: We could canter a little (ear flicks back).

Me: We better not.

Harley: Maybe just once around.

Me: Just one circle, that's it.

Harley: Cantering is my favorite!  Watch me flying change!

Me: Harley, we are not doing that right now.  Now we have to canter another circle, but this time nicely.

Harley: Let me change.  I want to.  Stop blocking me.

Me: No.  Go back to trot.  Hey, good job keeping your back up in the transition.

Harley: I could show you again if we canter?

Me: Okay, but no more trying to change.

Harley: Okay, I promise (ear flicks again).

Me: Great....Harley!

Is it possible to have too much fun riding your horse?  We did actually do some productive things that I would like to reflect upon, but this riding reflection has gone silly.  Oh well, this is supposed to the off-season!


  1. Very cute. I love it when I get the ear cocked back. :0)

    1. Expressive ears are the best for horsey conversations.

  2. I am smiling and feeling teary at the same time -- Jackson and I used to have conversations just like this. This is a great reflection and it is NOT possible to have too much fun riding your horse.

  3. That Harley is quite the character :)

    I've had sorta similar conversations with Coriander, particularly when the footing is not so great. He asks to canter, I tell him the footing isn't quite good enough, he says please so I let him go. Three strides later he says the footing stinks and stops. I try not to say I told you so...

    1. Yup. That sounds about right. Eager horses, they are.

  4. You're not the only one who has conversations in your head with your horse. Now if I could just get them to listen as well and cooperate like Harley we'd all have a better time.

  5. Oh good. I am glad to be in good company.

    He wasn't listening that well! I had to ride a bunch of butt pops and jumpy half changes before he settled down. It was still cute in a naughty kind of way. ;)

  6. Hmm, I have those conversations with my horses all the time... Sometimes I even forget to keep them in my head, LOL!

    Also, there's an award for you over at my blog! :)

    1. I think it is so cute when riders talk to their horses while they are riding. I think that most horses like it, too.

      Cool! Thanks!

  7. I don't think this post was silly at all; I thought it was fun (and some of it sounded eerily familiar).

    Are there actually people out there that don't talk to their horses while riding? *gasp* How shocking!


    1. Thanks, Jen! I cannot imagine riding without having a conversation with my horse. That is what makes it so fun and personal.

  8. That is too funny!! I love your "conversations" with Harley. :D


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