Monday, June 27, 2011

Signs of Summer Around the Farm

My husband purchased a new Canon Powershot to replace our original Canon.  We bought the older Powershot S50 in 2004 and it is still taking great photos.  Unfortunately the sliding door, which protects the lens and turns the camera on and off is barely able to slide on its track.  The camera is also huge by digital camera standards, kind of like my last cell phone.  I will continue to use the original from time to time, but it is very nice to have a new and improved model.  What better place to try out the new camera than on the farm?  I did not realize how creatively the barn owners have decorated the place, until I started looking for photo opportunities.  You might also see Harley and our resident Icelandic Horse.  Enjoy!




  1. Nice pictures - thanks for sharing :) Harley is so handsome!!

  2. That looks like a real nice place to have a horse, Harveys a lucky guy! Nice photos too!

  3. Thank you everyone! It really is a lovely little farm. I wish to have one like it for myself some day.

  4. Harley is so cute! Those are all great picture. Congrats on the new camera. :D

    Regarding your question about Faran, yep he will be my husband's trail horse and they will probably learn lower level dressage together too. :)


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