Sunday, January 26, 2014

Living In The Moment In 2014

Twenty-thirteen was a very unusual year for me.  I was pregnant for half of it, had my beautiful, baby girl, and spent the rest on the high-speed train that is motherhood.  I rode my horse until I was about thirty weeks pregnant and then loved on him until July.   The saddle never felt so good as those first couple rides.  Fitting riding in was very tough and not without incident (mistakes in timing as far as baby was concerned), but my barn time remained a means to recharge my batteries.

Harley and I had our seven year anniversary in December.  This year, I have ridden him the least since we have been a pair, but he has never been far from my thoughts.

Unfortunately, 2013 also seems to be the year that Harley's coughing has gained momentum beginning in mid-September.  I spent many visits checking his comfort, measuring medication, administering it, and wishing for a magic cure.  My husband and family helped me juggle the baby after work and on the weekends so that I could tend to my horse.  I was very grateful, but not without that guilty feeling that I  was asking too much or letting someone down.  As baby became a little easier to manage (i.e. three hours between nursing sessions, thank goodness), I wished for fun times with my horse instead of emotionally stressful visits when I wondered how he would be feeling.  Riding him, even at the walk, stopped being an option.

On a positive note, I am so very lucky to have the people in my life helping me out: my husband, his family, my Mom and Dad, my barn owners who take such good care of Harley, and friends who look out for him and do things like remove his blanket on a warm day.  I had to learn to rely more on others in 2013.  When I am able, I hope that I can return the favors.

What will 2014 have in store for us?

I know that Sweet Pea will continue to be an amazing adventure.  My life is not easy right now, but it is also filled with some of the most charming, fascinating, and delightful moments that I never could have imagined before our baby was born.  My baby is sleeping in my lap as I write this post (with one finger swiping on my tablet) and she is just so gorgeous.  She sits up now and says "bababa" with the cutest little voice.  One tooth is just peaking through and her eyes are blue with blond hair coming in.  She smiles gigantic grins and hugs me, even pinching me in excitement when we are reunited or playing a game of hide and seek with Daddy.

Work is and will probably continue to be a challenge.  This has not been an easy school year.  My husband coined it well when he said that everyday feels like Groundhog Day (the movie, of course).

And then there is Harley.  I wish for his problem to go into remission, but that, my friends, is a big wish.  I want to ride him again and have fun together.  As it is right now, I can barely groom him, for fear that he will start coughing and require another round of meds.  Sometimes I dream of cantering along or riding through the woods and other times, I try not to think about it.  If I visit him and he is okay, then that is a good day.  Maybe the spring will be better for us.  He was very rideable last summer, so I guess that I just need to be patient and optimistic.  He is still friendly and sweet and with a healthy appetite, so all is not lost.  Oh yeah, and his weight looks great.  Imagine that.

I hope to snap a few pictures of me and Sweet Pea on Harley together.  Those are moments that I can wait for in 2014.

First time on a horse at seven months old.  It had to be Harley!
Here's to the year of the horse.  Harley needs some good luck!