Riding Reflections

"Riding Reflection" is a post series exploring my time in the saddle.  I truly believe that reflection is a necessary part of learning, so this is my way of documenting some of these experiences for the purpose of personal growth as a rider and as a horsewoman.  I would also like to have a descriptive record of Harley, my beloved horse.  This series is as much a training log as it is a memoir in its own right.  On this page, I have included links to the posts with the "Riding Reflection" heading, as well as general riding posts, because all of them are introspective.

Some things are too important to risk forgetting, yet Harley and I ride so often that the pivotal mistakes and small victories can get lost in the haze of memory.  I hope to keep track of our trials and accomplishments, and share them with other horse girls.  If I may be perfectly honest, my horse is never far from my thoughts, so it is a natural progression to write these musings down.  I have already spent countless hours, years of my life, dreaming about my horse before he became my reality, and I continue to spend many minutes, everyday, daydreaming about our last ride, reliving what we did well and what we can do better, visualizing my horse down to his soft eyelashes and resonant whinny, always looking forward to our next ride, our next minute together.  Mine is a love, which perhaps only other horse girls, and their horses, can understand.

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The oldest posts are at the top.  The posts get younger as the list progresses, with the newest edition at the bottom of the list.  Enjoy!

My Heart Horse

The Flying Change

The Base of the Neck

Okay, Lengthen Now

Surprise at X

Show Day and the Sun Shines for Harley

Water Horse: Riding the Wave

Bareback Ride and Mud Puddles

Trot Poles Are For Jumping?

Harleys and Dirtbikes Do Not Mix

Lateral Work in Posting Trot

Rediscovering Impulsion

Sideways From The Center

Halfpass From The Center

Sitting the Canter

Canter Repeat and Starting Canter To Walk

Some Dressage Philosphy, Lateral Work, and an Itchy Public Service Announcement

A Riding Video About Contact, Sitting Trot, and Connection

Feels Like Flying

More Seat Does Not Mean More

Permission For Lift Off: Flying Change Tips

Training vs. Understanding: Canter to Walk

Video: Jumping Fun Day!

A Long Schooling Video: June 2011

Riding the Circle

Toe-Touching Exercises

Seven Horse Trail Ride & My Clever Harley

Training Video: August 2011

The Products of Dressage

Suppleness, Suppleness, Suppleness and Keeping the Dream Alive

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