Sunday, November 13, 2011

Horsey Playground Video and a Surprise

My husband was kind enough to play videographer today.  Since we are always chasing time and now the setting sun, this was a special treat.  Thanks, Honey!

A horse girl's favorite combination

This video reminds me that I am fortunate to have a thinking horse.  Harley never ceases to amaze me with his versatility.  When the teeter-totter was newly constructed, everyone on the farm brought their horses up to the new toy to see how each horse would react.  We get really excited about those sorts of things.  I must say that I have a very fun-loving barn family!

We have several level-headed trail horses, so more than one successfully "walked the plank" with little encouragement.  I am proud to report that Harley was among them.  After allowing me to lead him across the teeter-totter in both directions, we tried it under saddle.  This was no problem at all, and I actually felt a lot more comfortable on his back.  I do not want to lose a toe should I step too close to the plank from the ground.  Even under saddle, I must admit that the drop of the teeter-totter does unnerve me a bit.  Thankfully, Harley does not feed off of my hyper-cautiousness.  After-all, he is a reformed "yahoo horse".  ;)

Well then, let's go!


How about another perspective?

My husband also never ceases to surprise me.  He gave me a helmet camera for my birthday, which was why we could not resist heading to the barn to try it out!  Now that is my idea of excellent birthday plans.  I am easy to please, as long as you disregard the super expensive pet and riding habit.  My husband is so understanding.

I love you, Honey.  Thank you for a great birthday!


  1. Your buckskin is a beauty.... I have a QH buckskin too, but he is darker and only 14.2 Sounds (and looks) like you received the perfect birthday present!

  2. Hi Margaret- I have noticed Oberon. He is lovely!

  3. Aren't helmet cams fun? Happy Birthday! Glad you got to spend it with your two main squeezes -

  4. Great husband + great horse - what more could a girl ask for?! But a helmet cam is super cool. Happy birthday Val :)

  5. Thanks, C,F,S. And I agree. :)

  6. Great equestrian blog! Why not come along and post this at Haynet an Equine Social Blogging Network - Hope to see you there!

  7. What a good boy!! Ritchie would completely freak at that plank.
    Aren't helmet cams cool? What a great present. :)

  8. Thanks samihob.

    Ruffles- It is really cool!

  9. Oh cool! Helemt cam! I am looking forward to going on many rides with you two. I can't wait! Happy birthday! That is really a neat gift! Your hubby is indeed a keeper! Very thoughtful. I really enjoyed looking through Hareys ears.

    Good boy Harley, what a brave boy.

  10. Hi Mary! Even though I look through Harley's ears quite often, it was very amusing to see this on camera and even more so to see myself walking into the tack room and retrieving my saddle. It was kind of an out of body experience.

    Karen- Fun time in the saddle is important. I do not think that Harley thought this was fun, but he is a good sport. He likes fast activities much better. ;)

  11. I have to admit, I got a bit of vertigo while you were preparing to mount up. It's all good! ;-)

  12. Mary- When I watched the video, me too!


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