Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Favorite Jacket and Carrot Time Video

 You know that you are a horse-dork when... wear a jacket with your horse's name on the back!

My name is on the front, which comes in mighty handy at a barn.  No misplaced jackets here!  I thought that I would get made fun of (playfully, of course) for wearing my horse on my jacket, but most people just exclaim that they want one and ask where they can make a customized jacket brandished with horse personalization.  My husband found the design and ordered it at Superior Stitch Embroidery.  My favorite jacket is surprisingly warm for the lightweight material and serves me well for all the cold weather months.  It is also machine washable.  A must!  The "Harley Jacket" was my birthday present a couple years ago.  This year my husband ordered me this:

Yes, that is a matching "Harley Hat".  I love it!  My husband is awesome!

Now I am completely surrendered to Horse Dorkdom and it was mostly my husband's doing.  I find this to be terribly amusing, since he does not like the funny looks that we get when I wear my breeches and riding boots for a couple quick errands.  I have yet to transfer my school things into this messenger bag, because I do not want to ruin its newness.  The horse is so pretty!

Practicing a few Spanish walk steps

The beginning of a nice soft turn with only implied pressure.  See that my feet and shoulders have started the turn?

Turning our feet some more.

If you compare his stockings to the summer photos in the right side bar of the blog, you will see how much light-colored winter fur has replaced his dark stockings.  His nose is also black, now.  Harley is becoming a polar bear again.

Harley takes his carrots very seriously.  He can fit an impressive number of baby carrots in his mouth at once, although I have never counted.  I do not want to throw that challenge down or I may be facing a buckskin chipmunk cheeks.



  1. LOVE the bag!!! And what a sweetie pie of a hubby! :0)


  2. He's so polite, he chews with his mouth closed. He sure looks good!

  3. The Harley clothes are awesome- nice job Val's husband!


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