Tuesday, July 17, 2012

News Flash: Val on Video

The local newspaper stopped by our farm to speak to us about our new therapeutic riding center, HeartsTRC, LLC.  The news is no longer just print on paper.  In the time of the internet and multimedia, the reporter wanted a video clip to post on the news website.  Although many people are reluctant to speak on camera, I have to speak in front of a room full of students on a daily basis and giving an impromptu speech happens to be one of my specialties (or so I am told), so I volunteered to take the plunge.  After a few minutes preparing what I wanted to say, I was ready to accept the challenge.  My students would probably tell you that the real challenge is getting me to stop talking!  I am not one for chitchat or idle conversation, but if it is about science or horses, I have a lot to say.  Enjoy!

So how long does 15 minutes of fame last in the era of the internet?
Is it sped up to 15 seconds or extended to infinity?

Let's hope for positive feedback and comments and a limited number of observations that mention that I look or sound like I am twelve.  Wouldn't be the first time!

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  1. Yay! How cool! I am opposite, I get SO camera shy and hate speaking in front of people-well done!

  2. You did great! I hope many people get to see it and come and take advantage of your Therapeutic Riding Center. I can see how being a teacher would make you very articulate in front of a camera or a class room. I'm sure you will be 'infinitely' famous.

  3. That is so cool! You did really great! I remember wanting to become a teacher when I was in high school...then I realized that I had a complete inability to speak in front of people. Slight problem!

    I know horses are my therapy in so many ways. My life wouldn't be the same without them.

  4. Well done, Val! I thought your impromptu lesson made a lot of sense and would easily be understood by even a non-rider. Good job promoting therapeutic riding. :0)

  5. Loved it! You're a celebrity now!

    And, really, you should be... Therapeutic riding has so much to offer! It's a way for those who may not have social skills to connect, and for those without physical skills to learn them. Plus, it's such a confidence booster... If you can tell a 1,000lb horse what to do, then you can do anything!

  6. I must say that you did a stellar job with that interview! I had to wait to view it when I was on a "regular" computer since I've been hanging out on the couch with a weakling version. It was fun to hear your voice as well. :)

  7. Val, you are adorable! Very confident without being over confident. :)


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