Monday, December 31, 2012

Harley's Top Ten of 2012

Actually, I can count to ten.

Hi Everyone.  In case you didn't know, today is the last day of 2012.  I don't worry myself about the calendar, but apparently this is an important day for humans.  Val told me that she really likes Top Ten lists from the previous year, but since she didn't see any new movies (except for one about a man-sized bat and another about some game that people play because they are hungry) and she doesn't know who rhee-hanna or brue-no-marrs are, she was kind of disappointed.  I decided to help out and make my own top ten list for 2012.  I hope you like it!

10. Not having to eat beet pulp anymore: I ate it for years and I was really sick of that stuff.  I finally started refusing to eat it and leaving it in my trough.  Finally, no more beet pulp at mealtime.  That stuff was so boring.  Problem solved!

9.  The doctor lady gave me a perfect score on the body condition scale!  More grain had replaced my beet shreds.  I knew that stuff was a waste of my time (and so boring to eat).

8. Eating carrots at the picnic table: For so long, I have watched the little horses eat carrots at the picnic table and Val finally caught on.  The carrots taste much better from a meal surface meant for humans.

7. The teacher lady told me that my neck looks pretty and she told me "Good Boy" for my floaty trotting (Val told me that I cannot make all ten about food.  I really did have fun in our lessons, though.).

Alternating between breakfast and dinner as my favorite moments of 2012 was also vetoed.

6. Eating hay cubes on my work days: They were tricky to eat at first, but Val breaks them into pieces and now I have mastered them.  I hold the cube against the bottom of my trough and break it some more before chewing the rest.  Sometimes she gives them to me even on days when I do not work.  I do not have to share these with my paddock buddy, but I am sure that he can smell them on my breath.  Too bad!

5. Extra carrots on allergy shot days:  You might be surprised by this one, but I do not mind getting my allergy shots, because I always get carrots just for standing still for a few seconds.  Val is extra susceptible to my "carrot face" right after I get my shot, so I can milk a few extra snacks from her.  Jackpot.

4. Showing off my big trot: I figured out how to make my trot super big this year.  I always get lots of praise for this, but I would move out like that for free!  I used to feel like my feet were going to fall off because I trotted so fast, but now I know how to take big strides instead.  It is so much fun.

3. Being recognized for cuteness:  Val tells me that I get lots of compliments from horse people who visit our blog and read about me.  I work really hard at being cute, so I appreciate the feedback.  I plan on continuing my cute-streak into 2013.

It's not easy, but someone's got to do it.

2. Jumping from one canter direction to the other: I had to wait and be patient for a really long time, because I was doing this too much on my own.  I felt so free when I jumped from one side to the other that I just couldn't help myself.  Val calls it a "fly-eng-chan-ge".  I am glad that I am allowed to do them again, because it is so much more fun than going back to trot to change directions.

1. Peppermint treats: I tried these for the first time this summer.  They taste fantastic and they smell even better.  I love to smell them as long as I can.  Everyone says that I am smiling when I do that.  I hope the peppermints are a big part of my life next year.

Happy New Year Everyone!
From me and Val


  1. Happy new year to you both from Me and Gatsby, love harley's top 10 soo cute! especially number 3 he is just soo adoreable reminds me of the cartoon horse spirit that I used to adore as a kid!

  2. Happy New Year Harley

    you are wrong about the peppermints but the rest sounds great.


  3. Allie and Gracie say Happy New Year to you Harley!

  4. Happy New Year Harley (and Val)

  5. Harley -

    I totally agree that what happens between breakfast and dinner hardly bears mentioning. And cuteness is an excellent strategy - for earning more treats and not getting in trouble.

    Love visiting you and Val... my mom says it's always inspiring.

    Best wishes for 2013! (((♡♡♡)))

    V and C

  6. Harley you are just too cute for words. Happy New Year to you and Val.And may there be many more peppermints and carrots for you this year you deserve them!

  7. Happy New Year Harley! I hope you have many top 10's in the coming year! You to Val, all the best! I look forward to many more Memoirs.

    Mary and Freddy

  8. Love this! And I see no problem with all ten being about food.
    Happy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year!! Do you like soaked or dampened hay cubes Harley? Laz does but he's a piggie :)

  10. Harley's list is rather similar to my gelding's, except Coriander would never put anything that seemed like work in his list- LOL. My horses finally learned to like carrots last year, maybe this year they'll discover apples.


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