Friday, April 29, 2011

My Heart Horse

Meet Harley.
Harley is a 15.1 hand tall 1998 Buckskin Quarter Horse Gelding.  His registered name is Tackys Beaudacious by Tackys Beau and out of Blazer Bar Fly.  He was bred in North Dakota by Degenstein Quarter Horses.  Harley is what I like to call a "Buttermilk Buckskin".  In the winter he looks like a polar bear, because his nose turns black and his dark legs become lighter like his body.  In the spring he sheds his winter coat to beautiful dapples and then trades them for solid cream in the summer.  My barn owner calls him "The Champagne Horse".

With his black nose and soft, fluffy coat, Harley is a polar bear in the winter.  His only white marking, a small star on his forehead, is barely visible.

I bought Harley in the winter of December 2006.  In the spring, he surprised me with these beautiful dapples.  Here he has just turned nine years old, but looks like a much younger horse.  I love his listening ears, even this early in our partnership.
Spring 2007.  A proud horse and owner.  Here we go!

I love my horse's unusual color, but beauty is only skin deep and there is so much more to Harley than his flashy markings.  I plan on taking my time, writing about Harley and his many talents, attributes, and challenges, our adventures together, and all the wonderful lessons he has taught me about horses, friendship, and love.


  1. Oh my god! He's just like my Connemara pony mare here in Finland!! Here she is

    Have a nice day! :)

  2. Omg, this is the most beautiful horse ever!


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