Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Different Kind of Horse Show

Our Saturday adventure!  More to follow...


  1. Aack! When we were in London last month, we saw that it was playing and asked at the hotel about tickets. The concierge said there wouldn't be a problem if we just showed up early and bought our tickets at the door. Woohoo - going to see War Horse IN LONDON. I couldn't believe how lucky I was!

    We hopped on the Underground, rode the 40 minutes to the theater, cheerfully walked through the door to to the ticket window, and were CRUSHED to hear that that evening's performance was SOLD OUT.

    I have to say that my husband was super sweet to me as he knew how VERY DISAPPOINTED I was ... Oh well - hopefully it will make it LA soon.

  2. I thought of this when I saw your post about London and I was half expecting you to reveal that you had seen the show. I am so sorry that you missed it, but I would not be surprised if War Horse opens on the west coast. Hopefully, you will still get the chance. I did not see any free seats at our show, but we bought tickets before the Tony Awards: 5 Tony Awards including Best Play!


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