Sunday, March 18, 2012

Buttermilk Buckskin: Changing Colors

I did not go looking for color when I bought Harley.  I wanted a good riding horse first.  If the good riding horse was also pretty, that was just icing on the cake, and, besides, I knew that my horse would be beautiful in my eyes no matter what.  As luck and circumstances would have it, I ended up purchasing a horse with a very unusual coat color and markings, even for a buckskin.  Harley's coloring is definitely unique.  Pretty much anytime we meet new horse people, they are captivated by his color.  Just a few weeks ago, we met some people on the trail.  One woman in particular was showering him with compliments and then as we walked away, I heard her continue to exclaim how she had never seen a horse that looked like him before.  At our first Turkey Trot, a person driving through the parking lot, stopped their car, rolled down the window, and snapped a few photos of Harley as we walked by.  It felt a little paparazzi, but I smiled and waved just the same.  Harley batted his eyes and gave his best Marilyn impression.  We may not have jaw-dropping movement in the dressage ring, but we certainly get people's attention in the color department.  I like the attention and so does Harley.  He always manages to arch his neck and puff up when he has a new audience.  Such a ham.

Harley's "buttermilk" buckskin coloring changes quite a bit throughout the year.  I thought that if might be fun to document some of those changes as we move from winter to spring.  Harley's stockings are acquiring an interesting molted appearance.  Take a look!

The light hairs are shedding out from the front of his legs first.  The black stockings will eventually reach over his knees.

The front of his leg looks really neat up close.

Almost all of the this light hair is going to fall out, as evidenced by the shedding fur on the ground!

I love the long, wispy hairs on the back of his legs.

Stylish, side-swept "fetlocks".

His hind legs have not shedded quite at much as the fronts, so you can see more color gradation...

...and the red highlights in his tail.

That is just the beginning.  Right, Harley?


  1. Harley is lovely no matter what time of year. And his fetlock "do" is to die for! I think I like his precious muzzle the best though. :)

  2. He is a beautiful. I love buckskins. Like you, I didn't go looking for a particular color - or breed - it just worked out that I got a cool colored horse.

  3. He really is a neat color- I just love his red forelock!

  4. Harley is beautiful no matter what season as CFS said. I love buckskins and horses of a different color. My Dusty (palomino) is like Harley as she changes colors with the seasons. By the middle of summer she is almost brown but during the winter she is a dappled gold color. Go figure. We've always had paints and I love their patterns too. I never went looking for colors but like you picked the horse who suited our needs. Just lucked out with the colors.

    1. I would be curious to see how a palomino changes color. Maybe you could share some pictures from the year?

  5. Harley is a real head turner! I love both his coloring and conformation.
    My palamino ap changes color alot through the year too - makes it iteresting.

    1. Thanks, Carol!
      Palomino ap? Beautiful. I need to look for some pictures on your blog...


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