Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Harley!

14 years young

Harley was born just a few months before I graduated high school.  I was going off to college and riding a huge Hanoverian/TB mare, but little did I know, my heart horse was a sweet, little, buckskin quarter horse who was busy growing and finding his way to me.  After almost nine years, we finally met and we have not been apart for very long ever since.  I am forever grateful for my husband's encouragement to just "go for it".  Having waited since the age of three to buy my own horse, it was difficult to know when was the right time.  After five years and counting, it turns out that Harley-time is always the right time.

Happy Birthday Harley!

Thanks for being my 
dressage horse, 
trail horse, 
bareback/trick/circus pony,
wild mustang,
black stallion,
beloved pet, 
and most importantly, 
my heart horse. 


  1. Happy Birthday Harley! You are one handsome talented guy.

  2. "Black Stallion" ha ha. I had that dream too. :) But my Black horse looks more brown because of the sun.. I love him anyway. Happy Birthday, Handsome Harley!

  3. Happy birthday, Harley! Welcome to the prime years of your life :)

  4. happy birthday hugs Harley from NZ ....and virtual carrots x

  5. Awwww happy birthday Harley!!!

    In response to your comment about Faran's hooves. I did a post recently that has views of his hooves from different angles. I don't have any current ones after we beveled his hooves, but I'll try to get some next time we work on them. The picture above was taken a few days before we beveled it. We both have iffy backs and have to do the work in short sessions. Thanks!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday big guy! (I'm so behind here Val, I will catch up soon)
    Ride on!


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