Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter Uh-Oh!

Hi Harley!

How are you doing, buddy?

Um, is your blanket lopsided?

Oh dear, that can't be good.

Oh no!

Harley!  How did this happen to your blanket?

Someone is going to have a drafty butt for a while.

Any suggestions for repair? 

I do not own a sewing machine and the place that I sent his blanket to for cleaning and repair after last winter will need weeks to fix his blanket.  Thankfully, the seams pretty much ripped out and only a tiny bit of blanket material is actually torn.  There were no blanket mishaps last year, so I am not sure how he lost the butt flap this time around!


  1. If you know anyone with a machine, beg them for help. That's like a 5 minute fix-it job. Just, erm, wash the blanket first? I repaired one dirty blanket and my machine was naaaaasty after that. You could probably also do a hand repair, but you'll need some finger protection (thimble or something) to help you get the thimble through all that fabric.

  2. Somebody got busy in the pasture! Probably best to just take that bit off and let them reattach it after the winter is over. Or sew it by hand.

  3. Just take it off. He's got a nice thick tail, he won't freeze.

  4. Winston lost his butt flap too. I just tore off the piece that was hanging on and tossed it.

  5. Remove the tail flap and get it fixed in the spring. Harley will be just fine without it till next winter.

  6. He'll be fine just take the flap off and fix it in the spring. If you sew it they'll probably ruin it again. He really doesn't need it.

  7. Oh no! He looks so innocent too... I'd just take the flap off if it were me.

  8. You can fix that temporarily with a typical in-house sewing machine. A smaller machine cannot handle the type of thread that will really hold. After the season is over,take it to a shoe maker or a blanket specialist to fix it with a decent nylon thread.


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