Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Good News or Bad Luck?

I actually rode my horse on Friday. It was only at the walk, but it was wonderful. There was much snorting of happiness from Harley. The next day, I went out hoping for a little more time in the saddle. As I was reaching for his left hind to clean his foot, I drew back in mild horror. His leg was seriously swollen below the hock.


It was too cold to use the hose, so I decided to walk him and check for lameness. He walked and trotted normally and without hesitation. He has gotten stocked up in the past when stabled overnight. Maybe he stood around a lot the night before? The swelling had no heat and was reduced with walking.

I returned the next day to find him equally comfortable, but again with a filled hind. This time I got out the hose and put some cold water to it. A friend who was taking care of the horses for the week noticed what I was doing and mentioned that my horse had been running a muck and playing with his paddock buddy.


At the next visit, his left was almost normal, but his right hind was filled. I was given a similar report from another friend of a prancing, covorting pony with no signs of injury.

What's the deal, Harley?


  1. Perhaps he just overdid things . . .

  2. Glad you got to ride. Guess somebody is feeling pretty good about himself. Now if they would only realize they're not doing their limbs any good by running around like crazy wild horses we wouldn't have to worry so much. Hope he's fine and stops being silly.

  3. Got him some extra attention didn't it! ;D

    1. YES. Perhaps he is taking matters into his own hands, er, hooves.

  4. Weird. My horse used to do that occasionally and it stopped when he got a better turnout situation. My guess is he just tweaked it playing?

  5. if there's no heat or lameness I wouldn't worry. Since you mention mud could it be scratches? some horses do swell up with that.

  6. I know it's a typical but Laz's leg will fill when he is working out an abscess in his hoof.'s odd and not common but maybe that was it??


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