Sunday, May 29, 2011

One-Handed Bridling!

This is not spectacular and really just for fun, but here is a video of me attempting to bridle Harley with one hand.  Or more accurately, me attempting to bridle Harley with one hand and take video with the other.

I asked him to take the bit twice, because I realized that I forgot to look at the LCD screen while recording and I thought maybe all the camera saw was blond fur.

I cannot take credit for teaching Harley to bridle this way.  He came up with this technique on his own, as I used to put his bridle on with the standard hand-over-nose, hold-bit-up-to-teeth style.  One day he just started dropping his head and reaching for the bit.  This falls under the category of "I can do it myself" for Harley.

Harley goes in a loose ring French link snaffle with curved bars.  :)

Are we done?  'Cause I have another appointment with this empty feed bucket.


  1. Very cute! Speedy likes to grab the bit too! He also LOVES to help put his halter on. Horses are just too funny!

  2. Oh -he is clever and soooo sweet!


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