Friday, May 13, 2011

Surprise at X

Engaged and square.  My horse halted at X with such fervor, that I caught my breath.  We trotted down the center line and I started to think about preparing him.  I was sitting the trot and he felt very nice, in front of my leg, soft in the bridle, and calm.  As X approached I started to give little nudges with my legs to ask him to prepare his balance and he just stepped into the halt.  If there was a breeze, our hair would have waved about our motionless figure.  He was still in the bridle, but I could feel the energy underneath, ready to move off, even though we were halted.

This was such a great feeling.  A nice halt is no small matter.  I am so proud of him.  I remember when we were first learning to halt and reinback together.  I had to use the fence to keep him from inching forward with his nose in the air.  Now he was halting before I really asked and with such a lovely, sturdy feeling.

I practiced my salute.  He practiced waiting.  I gave a little nudge with my seat, just like I was moving forward on my own, and he trotted off.  Whether we falter or shine on Sunday, I have myself a little dressage horse!  Small discoveries like this make signing up for this schooling show worth it, and we have yet to enter at A!

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