Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thank you, Mom

My first riding lessons were thanks to my mother.  She saw that my fascination for horses was more than just "My Little Ponies" and "Barbies" in jodhpurs.  She talked to my Dad and arranged for a series of beginner riding lessons.  I was seven years old.

My Mom loves animals and she is endlessly kind towards them.  Although she never took riding lessons, she was brave enough to go on the occasional family trail ride on vacations.  I remember one ride in particular.  We were walking through the woods and my Mom's horse was really taking his time.  This was a good thing, in my mind.  I want my Mom riding the slow, super-quiet horse, but at some point the trail leader tried to encourage my Mom to ask her horse to pickup the pace.  She was supposed to use the rein like a crop and give the horse a little smack on the shoulder.  You should have seen the cute little tap my Mom gave that horse.  It was by no means a smack of any kind.  My Mom simply does not have it in her to be anything but gentle.  As a kid, I was probably less understanding, but looking back, I am proud.  My Mom was always the kindest caregiver, not just for her children, but also for her animals.  Gerbils, cats, rabbits, fish, all deserved and enjoyed equal kindness from my Mom (and my Dad!).  There is a lifetime of stories about my mother's dedication to her animals.  Smacking a horse to make him walk faster, no matter how tactful, was simply not in my mother's repertoire, and I am glad.

My Mom is the most enthusiastic barn companion.  When she visits my home, she always brings barn shoes and clothes and a book to read or her camera.  She makes special trips to her local tack store to buy horse cookies for Harley or to pick up a new pair of riding gloves for me.  I know that she really listens to me when I go on and on about riding, because she has learned her share of horse and dressage vocabulary.  In one of my riding videos, I heard my Mom explaining that Harley was performing a "shoulder-in".  I was so proud!

My Mom is sporting her dressage T-shirt.
Harley thanks you for all the cookies! 

Thank you for supporting my passion.
Thank you for driving me to so many riding lessons and watching me ride.
Thank you for continuing to allow me to ride, even when I "hit the dirt" as a young rider.
Thank you for driving me to Ruthie's Tack Shop to buy brushes and boots or just peruse the goodies.
Thank you for attending horse shows, even on Mother's Day!
Thank you for listening to my endless horse-talk.
Thank you for continuing to join me at the barn, taking pictures, and sharing in my love of horses.
I love you!

Happy Mother's Day!


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  1. How nice that your mom has supported your horse life - you are very lucky!


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